Need An Attitude Adjustment?

“Change the way you look at things and the things you Look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

Well isn’t that the truth.  Sometimes we just need an attitude adjustment to stop stressing about things we can’t change.  Take cookies for example.  Now I love a good cookie and have spent way too much time thinking about them.  So one day I used my wonderful Evox ( Latin for electronic voice ) device made by the Zyto and directed my mind on cookies.
 Now I know they are flour, sugar and lard so using the Evox technique I pictured a bag of flour, a bag of sugar and a can of lard on my kitchen counter and decided I would never in a million years eat those 3 ingredients as I pictured them on my counter. Now my subconscious had linked cookies  those cookies to a wonderful memory with my mother when I was very young giving me a warm cookie so with the clarity I now have cookies are no longer on my mind. I know this is not an earth shattering discovery but guess what now I don’t crave cookies!  Better for my waist line.


If you have a performance block, relationship issues, any stress that blocks your growth, come get  an Evox session.  It’s not invasive and will help your subconscious resolve the stress for you.

Dr. Leesa Haire
“The All Natural Pharmacist”
Skype: leesa.haire

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