Step 4- Reduce the Toxic Load and Renew

Toxins are everywhere so the body stores them in fat cells to protect itself.  Fat clusters form around the toxin as cellulite. Metabolism becomes secondary to ridding the body of these toxins when they are present so it becomes imperative to get these out. Low energy, Inflammation and a slow metabolism are primary indications of a toxic load.

The Body has 7 prime pathways to rid itself of a toxic burden.  Almost all foreign matter and cellular waste are disposed of by way of these pathways.  To enhance your ability to rid your systems of these harmful particles let’s start with some general safe and gentle methods.  Remember if you are too aggressive you can trigger a detox reaction making you feel worse.   Start Slowly!

green drink

Green drinks– juicing with green vegetables is a great detoxification.  Greens contain chlorophyll which boost your ability chelate out heavy metals and purify the blood.

Breathe – Deep breathing super charges your lymphatics that drains out the toxins and increases your metabolism.

Dry Brushingskinbrushingfeatured– the skin is known to be responsible for 10 to 15% of total body elimination, and is sometimes referred to as the third kidney. This technique has been used for swelling, cellulite, sinus issues, tone skin and more.

Bentonite Clay – Use it in your bath or as a mask or you can also take it internally for its natural ph balancing effect, minerals and detoxification. You will bentonite claywant to drink lots of water as it grabs on to toxic particles and flushes them out the colon.

All of these methods are very effective for taking the toxic load of the system. But if you want to learn more.  See if you have any symptoms of overload.

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Dr. Leesa Haire
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