Step 1- Healthy Diet

First step is a Healthy DIet– sometimes the biggest hurdle. No, I am not going to give you another bite by bite formula.  Don’t be disappointed, the truth is food is to fuel your energy needs. These foods feed your cells and should not rule your life or cause you stress. In our modern world of convenience eating with fast foods we are literally starving for nutrients and gorging on calories.  We have to overcome multiple challenges to get the healthy meal our grandparents never dreamed of.


One challenHidden-Names-for-MSGge to a healthy diet is our processed food supply.  The food industry is no dummy.  They add chemicals that literally make our brains CRAVE the sugary, fat-laden, or salty processed food, how profitable is that?  Many of these chemicals are excitoxins that literally kill brain cells.  For you that know your history MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a prime example.  It was developed to make packaged food the Japanese army provided its men flavorful. It does this by nerve stimulation that changes how the taste buds taste food.   In the United States there are in excess of 40 additives that contain some percentage of glutamic acid, the main chemical of MSG.  My rule of thumb is if it is packaged and processed and should taste awful it probably contains MSG.


Second- Now we have to deal with genetically modified foods (GMO). Processed foods and genetically modified foods can lead to leaky gut.   If you don’t know what leaky gut means, it is basically a condition where the intestines become more permeable or leaky.  As a results food that is not completely digested can filter into the blood stream.   This can trigger auto-immune reactions, inflammation, allergies, asthma and host of digestive problems.

As you can see we have some major challenges in our modern world. But there is lots of good news too. The simplest answers are still the best your main focus should be on a diet of whole, unprocessed foods including vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, organic and grass-fed meats, and organic dairy. Make sure your proteins are clean, preferably organic and grass-fed, and cook them at home or enjoy them at a restaurant whose practices you support, rather than eating excess processed foods.  I realize these are general guidelines and have to be customized for individual sensitivities and allergies but you get the idea –WHOLE FOOD.

That’s all well and good you say but… you like the bad stuff, it taste good and it’s fast and cheap.  So let’s talk about this.  What motivates people to eat a healthy diet?  There is no one answer to that.  To change a bad habit or attitude takes another equally powerful good attitude. And every attitude needs sufficient motivation.

Unfortunately the case scenario I most often see in my practice is people don’t want to think about health until they lose it.  Research shows that loss of something is a far more powerful motivator than gain.  So is fear of disease the most powerful motivator of health?   I hope not and I truly don’t think so for all people.

Let’s look at some of the other positive effects of health.

imageKnow your Worth- accept nothing less.  This one is near and dear to my heart because it became my story.  When I studied to become a Naturopath and all the methods and benefits of health I was blown away with how divorced the medical model was from healthy practices.  It was sickening to see what was being passed off as food.  Who knew!  So my attitude dramatically changed.  I hate being played for a chump.  The fast food industry does not care about you as long as they are making big profits. So while we as a population get sicker and sicker.  They are happy all the way to the bank.  Well I decided I was not going to be played anymore and neither should you.

7d1756e6741d801184cb09ef5b78d6a0 healthy self image

Focus on What You Want- sounds easy doesn’t it but do you know your thoughts can manifest your results.  So constant self-criticism will ultimately lead to defeat.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

The Joy of Overcoming a Challenge– Only growth leads to change and without it new habits won’t form.  You may be only 30 days from vibrant health.  Push through!

images (1)

Confidence and self-respect- Nothing is more powerful than personal success.  Your whole persona changes.

Like What you See in the Mirror- Yes love yourselfBe kind and faithful to that person you see in the mirror.  If you do you will not abuse the physical, spiritual or mental being                                                     that is you.

If this has been valuable to you please share or comment on a healthy diet.  Click here for step 2

Dr. Leesa Haire
“The All Natural Pharmacist”
Skype: leesa.haire


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