Is Your Makeup Toxic????


Cosmetics are supposed to be fun and pretty but there are some pretty scary numbers that might make you rethink your routine.  Now I am not saying you have to give up make up and body products but let’s demand better for our skin!

Look at these numbers

  •  4 pounds: Average amount of lipstick a woman will ingest over her lifetime.
  •   11:Percentage of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal-care products that the U.S.    government has documented and publicly assessed for safety.
  • 1,110+:The number of ingredients banned in cosmetics in the European Union.
  • 10:The number of ingredients banned in cosmetics in the United States.
  • 600:The number of companies that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.
  • 20:Percentage of personal-care products that contain at least one chemical linked to cancer.
  • 22:Percentage of cosmetics contaminated with possible cancer-causing impurity 1, 4-dioxane.
  • $160 billion:Amount spent annually on skin and hair-care, makeup, cosmetic surgery, fragrances, health clubs, and diet products.


So whats a girl to do?

Check out your favorite brands at this website to see what you are really wearing!

 Wash your face: Always wash your face at nighttime to remove free radicals that your skin accumulates during the day from smog and dirt. Skin restores itself at night and its best not to absorb anything but healthy ingredients


Age gracefully with antioxidants: Start your anti-aging routine in your mid-twenties and consider it “age prevention.” Use powerful topical antioxidants like Resveratrol and Coenzyme Q10 daily under makeup and or at nighttime.
Toss harsh products: Be sure to shy away from harsh ingredients such as toxic retinols and glycollic acids in your daily skin care routine. They tend to damage your skin, especially if your skin is exposed to the sun, and can irritate sensitive skin.

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