Step 1- Healthy Diet

First step is a Healthy DIet– sometimes the biggest hurdle. No, I am not going to give you another bite by bite formula.  Don’t be disappointed, the truth is food is to fuel your energy needs. These foods feed your cells and should not rule your life or cause you stress. In our modern world of convenience eating with fast foods we are literally starving for nutrients and gorging on calories.  We have to overcome multiple challenges to get the healthy meal our grandparents never dreamed of.

junk-food-vs-good-food Continue reading

Weight Loss Tips- The Healthy Way

wild weight loss smoothieFirst of all,  Get some detoxing done with this great smoothie.  Be sure you use essential oils that are CERTIFIED PURE TO INGEST. Others might be toxic!!!  Be careful to only use the best. If you don’t have some of these listed in the recipe click on your Essential Oils website.  You can order wholesale for a $35 enrollment fee or retail anyday.  Continue reading

Step 2- Why is exercise good for you?

Family running along beach

Exercise is a hot topic but  why is exercise good for you?  Why do we work so hard?  How does exercise affect your health?  This is a subject that is constantly pushed at us but embraced by few.  Why is that?  You know it’s good for you but that is not good enough to get you motivated. Let’s look at this topic on two levels.  The mental benefits and the physical benefits.   Everyone needs their own reason to get and stay active. Continue reading

Step 3 – Natural Answers For Stress Relief

This topic gets no respect!  If you are old enough to know who Rodney Dangerfield is then this is the classic topic that gets NO Respect   Americans in particular are taught to work and push then work some more. But we are not created to sustain that cycle.rodney-dangerfield-no-respect

Stress along with poor sleep either causes or worsens disease.  There is no Healing Time!  Let me give you a quick rundown of what stress can do in the body: Continue reading