Essential Oils

Essential Oils

I have to tell you I love essential oils. I have spent a career in natural health using hundreds of products and supplements but essential oils have proven to be one of the most powerful, cost effective remedies I have ever used. And easy too.

I have not always chosen essential oils. Early in my career, I tried certain brands and received very, poor, results. So, I put them on the shelf and barely used them for years. Later, I found out that most commercial “health food store” brands are diluted. Who knew? It certainly doesn’t say it on the bottle. Oils are picky, (just like food), they have to be harvested at the perfect time and processed with the utmost care.

I now use an OUTSTANDING line of oils that hold the power that the plant has to offer. Keeping healthy is more than not being sick. It means your everyday decisions support the vitality of the body. Living as close to chemical free, is part of that decision. Essential oils can be used for cleaning, personal care, cooking and life’s little emergencies.

I must mention one of the BEST parts….they are cost effective. I love the BEST VALUE for my money and I bet you do, too! I purchase all of my products wholesale, and receive points that equal dollars for even greater savings. My motto…..Value Always! What are you getting for YOUR Value?

I hope you enjoy all the tips and DIY information and if you are interested in getting pure, powerful, essential oils for your home, or want to ask a question please just shoot me a email.