Wellness Scans

The foundation to my practice is the belief that the body KNOWS what it needs and holds the innate intelligence to heal.  Respecting that knowledge, I use biofeedback to “tap-into” cellular communication.

Everybody (and every BODY) is different.  Often it is difficult to know what is best for you and your body. Now we can use the innovative, ZYTO Scan Technology, to discover information, specific to your body’s unique needs. We call this highly, specialized information, your biological preference.

Using bio-communication we can discover specific, individualized, information that will help you design a personalized health and nutrition program, specific to your body’s needs.  Zyto Scan Technology, provides insight and information that can make a significant difference for your wellness program.

Some of the information we receive when we scan is related to organ stress, hormone balance, food preference, dental issues, environmental toxins, and so much more.The technology is based on the dynamic nature of the body and the body’s unique ability to respond to subtle stimuli.  Particularly, the centuries old concept of the energetic aspects of anatomy that the traditional Chinese medicine refer to as chi.

The Zyto Biofeedback Scan Technology does not diagnosis or treatment disease, but gives us the best insight and path to health.

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